MIETEN ist das neue Kaufen



From April to October you can rent the latest motos of KTM , Austria`s top address in motorsports!

We only provide motos of t he latest generation , be sure to ride new bikes!


Why not? Rent bikes to enjoy your free time on a KTM with friends, partners or with your family?

And see the most impressive places of Austria or even Europe?


GA Promotion Headquarters in Andorf( Austria) ist he perfect place to start your tour to all European

countries, for beginners as well as for advanced riders.


We offer bike quantities for groups up to 20 riders . Close distances to the airports Munich, Vienna, Salburg or Prague

make it easy for our clients to come to us! Transfers can of course be organised by us as well!

Furthermore we offer various routes through all over Europe , guides can be booked!


KTM is our exclusive partner – most of our staff worked at or with KTM – and we know why! Quality and

ridability is unique, the emotion of riding KTM is overwhelming!

KTM headquarter is only about 50 km away, so cooperation is perfect to offer you highest quality of

riding with perfectly prepared motos!



790 ADV R

Booking/reservations are available on january 2019

S-ADV 1290 S/R

Booking/reservations are available on january 2019

790 ADV

Booking/reservations are available on january 2019

790 Duke

Booking/reservations are available on january 2019