Covid19 Situation!

Dear TNT participants and friends of GAP Motorsport
We hope that you and your loved ones have so far survived the crisis well, and we hope that this will remain that way until this stupid story is over. Until then, we would like to give you a short update on the current status of the TNT race track season, as well as information on how to proceed.
In advance, we would also like to thank you for your patience, prudence and for the many positive feedbacks that we were able to experience after the first COVID 19 info publication.
We are in constant contact with the racetracks and racetrack operators in order to receive specific information. This is understandably not so easy, since our appointments except RBR all take place abroad and there are different regulations in all countries.
We will have to do the following:
Our goal is to organize an adequate replacement date for each race track and to generally avoid appointment cancellations. We assure you that no participant who has already booked and paid will suffer any financial damage, there is credit for an indefinite period and we will find a suitable solution for each individual case.
We hereby kindly request that you do not make any appointment cancellations, since we, as long as no common solutions were found with the individual racetracks, would be forced for to make cancellations based on the applicable terms and conditions ( PDFs / de / AGB_DE_TNT_OAT.pdf). We definitely want to avoid that.
We hope that we were able to shed light on the most important questions - of course we are always available for further questions. ( Further info’s available in chronological – event by event
We wish you all, HEALTH
GAP Motorsport Team

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