TNT Anneau du Rhin 2023

17 - 18 Mai We/Th

Free Practice

              from EUR 380,-


A big garden party among friends ...... TNT Anneau du Rhin

For organizational reasons, only 2-day bookings are possible (any driver exchange is to be arranged on-site, in principle possible)


-          training for all skill levels


-          all brands are welcome


-          NO timed laps


-          full moto services on track


-          snacks and drinks included


-          Instructors and KTM rental/testbikes available on demand


-          Racing: NO


-          dB Killer MANDATORY (100db)


Camping  in the paddock is not possible - but equipment can stay in the paddock!




  operated by GAP Motorsport on behalf of Offroad Adventure Tours GmbH (OAT)