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Racetrack training + racing

TNT by GAP Motorsport

We have been known for our high quality standards for 15 years! A good track event is not noticeable by the glitz and glamor of the organizer but by a smooth process with as few interruptions as possible and the highest possible security standards.
The participant should not even notice the necessary and time-consuming organization in the background - then it works!

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We don't just take care of the sports drivers & racers; We especially help the many newcomers to the racetrack to have fun with us as quickly as possible on one of the best racetracks in Europe. Participants from all motorcycle brands enjoy top racing, the uniquely relaxed atmosphere in the paddock and the organization of the racetracks that has been trimmed for maximum safety. We create these perfect framework conditions based on our philosophy - so that you as a participant can spend a great and safe time with friends.

In order to ensure that the registration process runs smoothly, always find out about the current conditions of participation, terms and conditions and all other important topics before booking!
You can find the documents for this in the download area on this website!


- optimized schedules: this allows us to make the training and racing classes even more homogeneous and safe

- Regrouping according to lap time Friday lunchtime - later as needed

- 4 sprint races on Saturday (flying or mtogp start) & 4 Cup main races on Sunday (motogp start) as the highlight   of the race weekend will start with these Cup annual classification classes:

 °Open 1000

 °Open 600

 ° Masterclass (naked bikes of all brands, ccm like open1000)

 ° Master light (naked bikes of all brands, ccm like open600)

Special ratings depending on the occasion (e.g.: ladies, oldies, young stars etc...)

- Endurance on the Friday of a 3-day event

In addition to the race result, there are also goods prizes for the best in class

- special event formats for groups such as the KTM SUPERDUKE Community are now more possible and can be organized more easily. Information about this will be available here on the HP on the respective date.


Quality Motorsport

TNT Most

03. - 05. Mai

Training + Endurance + CUP Races

 from € 210


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TNT Anneau du Rhin

02. - 03. July

Training Event
single day possible

from €220


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TNT Sachsenring

30. - 31. Mai

Training Event+ Sprintrace

only 2 day bookings possible

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TNT Pannonia Ring

24. - 26. Mai

Training + Endurance + CUP Race

 from € 160

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TNT Rijeka

12. -14. July

Training + Endurance + CUP Race

 from €160

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TNT RedBull Ring

09. - 10. August

Training +  CUP Race

only 2 day possible

from €659

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TNT Brünn

07.- 09. Juni

Training + Endurance + CUP Rennen

 ab 230.-


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Cancellation insurance

Use the simple and secure way to secure your events.


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operated by GAP Motorsport on behalf of Offroad Adventure Tours GmbH (OAT)

Racing at a high level - license free - safe - uncomplicated - for everyone

TNT CUP - THE racing series for all brands! (bookable from November 16, 2023)


Racing at a high level - license-free - safe - uncomplicated - for everyone

An unbeatable TNT Cup 2024 package is available. Lots of training time and endless racing on 5 different top race tracks + 1 season closing racing event including Cup award ceremony and closing party!! And on top of that, services and additional services at an unbeatable price! Attention: the number of annual tickets is limited and only available while stocks last.


Of course, you can also take part in all races if you have only booked individual dates. You will definitely be included in the daily ranking!


Participants who book appointments with a total value of EUR 2000 (valid per person and actual value - credit or credits already deducted) by January 31, 2024 - these will also be included in the annual ranking and will of course also receive a limited TNT/GAP T- Shirt free!

You can also find the regulations and the class ratings in the download area of the website.



Flag Signs
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Safety Gear
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Service Pricelist
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Supplementary conditions of participatio
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Info travel cancellation insurance
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Motorsport - Unfallversicherung DE 2023.
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