25 - 26 May

Training Event + Hobby Sprintrace


One of the most ingenious racetracks on this planet - roller coaster for everyone / woman. Despite the strict db limit of 87dba this appointment is always booked out immediately - book quickly!


For organizational reasons, only 2-day bookings are possible (any driver exchange is to be arranged on-site, in principle possible)



-          training for all skill levels


-          all brands are welcome


-          timed laps


-          full moto services on track


-          snacks and drinks included


-          Paddock Box for approx. 10 bikes available, Single slots in shared boxes are available - 165EUR/day ( info & reservation:


-          Camping possible


-          transponder obligatory  (EUR30/2days)


-          Instructors and KTM rental/testbikes available on demand


-          RACE: Yes (EUR 15/Race)



DB LIMIT: 87db Participation only with original exhaust system and original airbox possible !! Check the noise rules of Sachsenring GmbH before booking this event!!



operated by GAP Motorsport on behalf of Offroad Adventure Tours GmbH (OAT)

Noise Limit rules SaRi GmbH
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